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  • Jana Elabiad

PVS Student Qualifies for Chapter Level

On February 13th, the school announced the Mathcounts results from the 2020-21 school year competition. For many years now, PVS students have been competing in Mathcounts, spending one Saturday in February at Southwest College. This year, Mathcounts was held virtually for the first time on February 5-6. Coached by Mrs. Rizwana, there were 10 students representing PVS in the competition: Abdullah Khawaja, Amal Ahmed, Farzaan Quadri, Fayadh Chowdhury, Humza Siddiqui, Minha Alam, Mouhammad Sarr, Muhammad Shala, Sandy Esmail, and Yusuf Boudaoud. Student Farzaan Quadri described his experience during the competition:

“I was quite excited about the MathCounts competition but was very nervous at the same time. This test was going to be challenging, so I practiced by attempting last year's test as a study guide. The test was pretty easy at first, and I skipped any problems that I could not have done within the time limit. There were two rounds of the test, the Sprint Round and the Target Round. The Sprint Round consisted of 30 questions that had a time limit of 40 minutes. There were no calculators allowed in this part of the test. The Target round consists of four pairs of questions with their own time limits of 6 minutes each. In this round, calculators were permitted. I enjoyed the test overall. In the breaks, there were many videos to encourage the students. This sometimes gave me a smile, and sometimes, just plain stress. Overall, I would say that the MathCounts test was very good. It was challenging yet they kept telling us to keep on going.”

The 2021 Chapter Competition consisted of the Sprint and Target Rounds. The top 20% of competitors in each chapter advanced to the Chapter Invitational Competition. One of the students, Mouhammad Sarr, qualified for chapter individual and competed on February 25th, 2021, to further qualify for the state competition. The top 5 competitors in each chapter will then advance to the State Competition. Additionally, the next 10 highest-ranking competitors in the state will advance to the State Competition.

Mrs. Rizwana has started practicing for next year’s competition. If any student is interested, please contact

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