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  • Yusuf Mannan

PVS NHD Regional Winners

On March 2, 2021, the National History Day (NHD) West Tennessee Regional Winners were announced, and once again Pleasant View School students from 6th-12th grade excelled in every category. Pleasant View School took home first place in 7 of 16 different categories across the senior and junior divisions, and placed in 12 categories overall with 20 winning projects out of a total of 48 1st-3rd place winners. 1st and 2nd place winners in each category advance to the NHD State Level, where competitors will compete with other regional winners across the state; 3rd place winners are substitutes if any 1st place or 2nd place winner cannot attend the next level. 15 PVS projects advanced to the State level. Students have been preparing for this competition since the beginning of the year, working very hard to succeed and uphold the PVS tradition of excellence in NHD at the regional, state, and national levels. The PVS Social Studies Department has been very dedicated to making sure students excel in their projects and perform well. Teachers Mr. Andre Clarke, Mr. Calvin Shaw, and Ms. Nisreen Malley have been preparing and assisting students with their projects throughout the year.

Unlike previous years, students had to adjust their projects for fully virtual presentations, instead of the usual in-person presentations at the University of Memphis. Competitors had to fully display their project’s power of telling history by simply visual means. Performances, which are usually done in front of a live audience, were pre-recorded. Students Zainab Malik and Ibrahim Malik were able to overcome the adversity of not performing live on a stage and won first place in the Senior Group Performance category. Students who have advanced to the state level will continue working to improve and adjust their projects based on the feedback of the regional judges. Congratulations to all the winners and students who put in their hard work and dedication to their projects. Inshallah you will perform excellently at the state level!

Junior Group Documentary

2nd Place

Yasir Mannan and Mouhammad Sarr

Women's Rights Convention 1848: The right to vote

3rd Place

Amina Amziane and Sarah Hasan

Malcolm X

Junior Group Exhibit

1st Place

Amal Ahmed and Minha Alam

The National Bank: Hamilton vs Jefferson

Junior Group Website

1st Place

Muzna Hangora and Fayo Bushra

Printing Press: Revolution in Communication

2nd Place

Rukaia Barrouk and Maymuna Faqih

The military and how they communicated secretly

Junior Individual Documentary

2nd Place

Farzaan Quadri

Yellow Journalism

Junior Individual Exhibit

2nd Place

Sandy Esmail

Women's Suffrage Movement

Junior Individual Website

1st Place

Suha Faruk

Miscommunication in History: ​​​​​​​(In)Famous Columbus

3rd Place

Fayadh Chowdhury

Muhammad Ali: ​​​​​​​Communicating the American Inequality by Defiance

Senior Group Documentary

1st Place

Neeymet Ahmed, Samit Ahmed, Nia Yusuf, and Deenat Yusuf

The Transformation of Mobility in the US: President Eisenhower’s Development of the Interstate Highway System

2nd Place

Yasmeen Abunasrah and Dana Shala

Kill the Indian Save the Man: The Five Civilized Tribes

Senior Group Performance

1st Place

Ibrahim Malik and Zainab Malik

Queen Elizabeth I: A Female Monarch in a Patriarchal World

Senior Group Website

1st Place

Ibrahim Boudaoud and Ahmad Elabiad

Silent Communication: The White Flag of Peace

2nd Place

Naisha Chowdhury and Manal Shala

Puck: Communication Through Cartoons

3rd Place

Zaheen Chowdhury and Yasmeen Mannan

Private from the Public: The Pentagon Papers

Senior Individual Documentary

3rd Place

Amin Awad

Sign Language: A Form Of Silent Communication

Senior Individual Paper

2nd Place

Harris Siddiqui

Connecting Two Worlds: Writing For The Blind

Senior Individual Website

1st Place

Jana Elabiad

"Pictures Tell the Story"

2nd Place

Aisha Duldul

Minstrel Shows: The Reinforcement of Black Stereotypes

3rd Place

Jovana Valadez

Communication Through Women's Suffrage

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