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  • Samit Ahmed

PVS Introduces New Art & Cooking Club

Pleasant View School has started their first virtual Art and Cooking Club.

The new virtual cooking club aims to teach students how to cook various dishes under the instruction of Rahma Ghanim. This program is for students from 2nd to 12th grade to learn and develop their culinary knowledge with simple life skills.

The PVS Art Club is taught by alumna Haneen Jaber every Friday. The club consists of middle and high school students of all skill levels. Her students have worked with watercolors, digital art, and acrylic paint. The students also participated in art challenges in which they observed, discussed, and interpreted various works of art and the meaning behind each piece. Jaber, the instructor, says, “It is a perfect creative outlet for students to have some art related fun at home.” Each session guides students through a specific project using various techniques. Furthermore, the Art Club is held via Zoom, which has been a learning process. Nevertheless, Jaber says, “We continue to do the fun activities together no matter the distance.”

If you are interested in joining, the next semester will start in 2021. Sign-ups will soon be available, so keep a lookout for more info.

Examples of Student Artwork Created in the Club:

By Sandy Esmail

By Sarah Hasan

By Amal Ahmed


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