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  • Yasmeen Mannan

PVS Education Advocacy Group Starts Tutoring Program

This September, the PVS Education Reform Group started a tutoring program run completely by high school students.

Naisha Chowdhury, a current senior and leader of the Education Reform Group, said that they had been thinking of having a tutoring program at PVS for quite a while, and that such a program was in high demand at PVS. “Our tutors are amazing dedicated students and teachers,” she said. “We coordinated with PVS teachers and asked them to help us reach out to students who would benefit from after school tutoring. With support from our teachers, tutors, and parents, we have launched a very successful tutoring program, Alhamdulillah.”

The program is available for any student from 3rd to 11th grade. The tutors are current 10th-12th grade volunteers who have dedicated time after school to help students with any subject ranging from math to Arabic to social studies.

While the program started out as completely virtual, since October 18, there is now an in-person option available on Tuesdays.

Aisha Duldul, a current sophomore and tutor, said that she’s been enjoying the experience so far. “It’s been fun being able to help kids that are struggling,” she said. “I’ve always been the type of person that wanted to help people, so tutoring seemed like the right fit for me. I really hope to be able to learn some pretty important skills; having to adapt to different learning styles and adjusting to their needs seems like an important skill at least.”

Chowdhury says that the feedback the group has received has been very promising. “Students love interacting and learning from their tutors and feedback has been very positive,” she said. “We hope to be able to expand our tutoring program to be open for the entire community soon, InshaAllah.”

“We’d really love to help as many people as possible so people should stop by,” Duldul said. “We may just be exactly what you need.”

If you or someone you know is interested in the tutoring program, please contact


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