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  • Sara Almoazen

PVS Design and Decoration Committee

Pleasant View School was founded with a vision to provide students with a good education and the Islamic knowledge needed to strengthen their character and Iman. The school has worked very hard to ensure this for all students. PVS has been undergoing expansion for years and has created a foundation in which students can help to ensure the school is at its best form. This is why PVS students have started a Decoration and Design Committee to give back to the institution that has given them so much. This group aims to maintain a positive experience for future generations to continue to enjoy and appreciate their learning environment.

The first project this committee will work on is to create a college center located in the back portable of the campus. The committee will be working on both the exterior and interior of the portable. This college center would be a space for students to have college discussions and prepare for admissions so they can step into their future more prepared.


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