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  • Ibrahim Boudaoud

PVS Board of Directors Election

Every year, The Muslim Community Center Inc. conducts elections for the Board of Directors. On November 3, 2021, the election for the Board of Directors took place. Prior to the election, a virtual “Meet the Candidate” session was held on October 26, 2021. PVS parents were able to meet the candidates and carry out fruitful discussions with them. Dr. Hassan Almoazen, a parent who has children in 11th, 8th, and 3rd grades said, “I attended the ‘Meet the candidate’ session on zoom. I was very impressed with the discussion and the experience and background of the new candidates. Each of the three candidates was asked what they will do if they get elected to serve on the board, and all the candidates responded positively to this question. There was an atmosphere of respect, sincerity and appreciation and it signaled a positive impact to the rest of administration and teachers at PVS. It was a great occasion to make them feel appreciated by parents, current and future board members. PVS has enjoyed tremendous expansion in the past several years and this was due to financial stability, academic advancement and hard work and sincerity by the current administration and teachers as well as support by parents.”

The system PVS uses to select its board members is designed to continuously bring in new perspectives and ideas to the school. This allows PVS to constantly improve based on the diversity of thought held by the members of the school board. This is attested to by Principal Dr. Mohammed Malley, who said, “ By having periodic elections and term limits, PVS has established a system by which new people are always joining the board thus providing new ideas and perspectives. This has proven over the years to serve the interests of the school and student body. PVS has been blessed to have historically had a very professionally-run School Board in which numerous people over the years have given generously of their time to serve in a voluntary capacity and by doing so to help ensure that the school always has the resources it needs for success as well as the vision to understand what that success looks like.”

Assistant Principal Mr. Ashraf Arafat emphasized that, “We would like to thank the candidates that were nominated and ran for elections.” In recognition of the outgoing Board Members, who truly have made a great impact on the school’s progression, Vice Principal Arafat thanked the departing members “for making a difference in their contributions to the PVS mission.” Jazakum Allahu Khairan to the departing board members, may Allah accept your contributions as a Sadaqa Jariah!

The results for the Muslim Community Center Board for 2021-2022 are:

Mr. Ahmed Mutlu Celikok, elected President

Mr. Soyab Malani, elected Vice President

Sr. Saira Salahuddin, elected Secretary

Dr. Reza Chowdhury, elected Treasurer

Dr. Rehan Shafique, elected Board member

Mr. Abdul Haseeb Zahid, elected Board member

Mr. Akram Knefati, elected Board member

We pray that the upcoming year will show continued development and growth in all school-related activities. Please keep PVS in your prayers. Congratulations to the new board members, may Allah help you all!


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