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  • Muadth Malley

Pleasant View School Adopts Hybrid Learning Approach

After careful consideration and implementing numerous safety measures, Pleasant View School has begun offering an optional on-site learning program. All elementary students had the option in mid-February to sign up for the on-site program that began on March 1. A total of 83 students opted for the on-site program and 99 opted to remain with the remote learning program. Students who chose the on-site option go to school by 8:00 A.M, when classes begin, and leave at 1:00 P.M, when their classes end. To provide both simultaneously, PVS has adopted a model by which teachers teach some remote sections and some on-site sections, thus avoiding the hassle of teaching both on-site and remote students at the same time. This model, according to Principal Mohammed Malley, allows the teacher to focus on one mode of teaching at a time. While it required changing some of the student schedules, Dr. Malley says it will provide for optimal student learning. He says, “Pleasant View School strives to maintain its quality of education for whichever option the students and parents decide on.”

To ensure the safety of the students and staff, social distancing and mask wearing are mandatory at all times. The hallways and staircases are closely monitored to ensure proper social distancing. Students have their own desks that only they use to help prevent the possibility of cross contamination. Desks are situated six feet apart and the number of students per classroom is limited. Most students leave at 1:00 so the number of students on campus for lunch and Salat is further limited. Lunch is eaten outside to ensure students who remove their masks are able to properly distance and there is sufficient air circulation. All of these measures were devised with a team of doctors to make sure nothing was overlooked. In person classes have been going very well. Both teachers and administration are working very hard to make sure everything goes smoothly.


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