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  • Wissal Boudaoud

New Year, New Historians

In light of the pandemic, all levels of the National History Day (NHD) competition are being held virtually this year. All participating PVS students who submitted their project on January 8th received extensive feedback from the University of Memphis History Department. These students can now submit their improved projects by the February 1st deadline to compete at the regional level. The winners of the regional competition will be notified in late February, and the 1st and 2nd place winners can advance to the state competition.

Competing virtually made the process different for everyone, but for our 6th graders, this whole process is a new experience. With the help of their history teacher, Ms. Nisreen Malley, they created their first NHD project. This process was an exciting and enlightening one for many of the 6th grade students. “The experience overall was great. I learned a lot about a topic I was passionate about. I spent a lot of time on it and enjoyed the learning experience,” said Amal Ahmed, 6th grader. “It was very stressful for me because it was my first time, but I still was able to complete it and put effort into it,” said Azlan Mirza, 6th grader. “NHD was very beneficial in many ways, even for the people who didn’t enjoy it. It overall was challenging, but in a fun way,” said Yusuf Boudaoud, 6th grader. Even through the hardships they faced having to complete their first NHD project in a virtual environment, the 6th graders were able to create amazing projects. We wish them the best for the next levels of the competition and hope they have learned and will continue to learn from the History Day experience.

To see some of the projects created by the students, click the link below. You will be directed to a website made by Ms. Nisreen.


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