• Zaheen Chowdhury


We welcome all of our new teachers to the PVS community by profiling a new teacher in the newsletter. This month we are featuring Mirzana Habul, Preschool class teacher.

Give us an introduction. Tell us a little about yourself!

  • I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and due to the war that broke out in Bosnia, my family and I had to immigrate to the US when I was 5 years old. I lived in Washington state from the time I was 5 until I got married and then moved to Utah. I lived in Utah for about 10 years before we all moved to Memphis last year in May. I have 4 kids who all attend PVS; a 4th grader, 3rd grader, 1st grader, and my youngest is in PreK. I graduated with my Bachelors in Business Administration and Supply Chain Management. My work background has always been in Healthcare, specifically the Business Management side of Healthcare.

How did you come to teach at PVS? What position do you currently have here in the school?

  • I am currently the assistant teacher at the Preschool. I knew that I wanted to either work in daycare, preschool, or in the office at my children’s school so I sent an email to the PVS administration with my resume. They didn’t have any openings during the summer but a week before school started I received a call from PVS that they had an opening at daycare. When the Director saw that I worked really well with the Preschool class, I was transferred over to work in Preschool.

So far, how has your experience been here? If you could name one thing, what is your favorite thing about PVS?

  • I absolutely love PVS! Since day one I have been welcomed with open arms by everyone I have met. From the administration to the students and the parents they have all been very helpful with acclimating to the school for both myself and my kids. My kids were very nervous starting at a new school, especially because a lot of these kids have known each other since Kindergarten, but everyone has been extremely kind to them and has helped them adjust very well. My favorite thing about PVS would be the relationships I’ve formed with my coworkers and the parents of each of my students, as well as the family oriented environment at PVS.

What are your hopes for your journey as a teacher at PVS?

  • My hopes as a teacher at PVS would be to be able to instill the love of Allah and Islam into these kids. We’ve been teaching them lots of duas since the beginning of the year and these kids are sponges mashaAllah! They have learned so much already and continue to surprise us with their knowledge! I hope that I can teach them to always be kind to others and to stand up for others, especially in this day and age where the world needs more kind, brave, and just people.

We would love to learn more about you! Is there anything interesting you would like the PVS student and parent body to know about you?

  • I love to bake! Back in Utah, I owned a small sweets business and took orders from small pastries to wedding cakes. Since we’ve moved, I haven’t baked as much as I would like to but am hoping to get back into the business. I lived in Turkey for about 3 years and when we moved to the US I only spoke Turkish. I had to relearn how to speak Bosnian and learned how to speak English at school, so I completely lost the Turkish language, but am extremely fluent in Bosnian now. I’ve always been big into sports (played volleyball in high school) and staying active. I also am a big crime series podcast listener and really like watching true crime series, during any free time that I might have.