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  • Dana Shala

New Teacher Spotlight- Amal Altareb

We welcome all of our new teachers to the PVS community by profiling a new teacher in the newsletter. This month we are featuring Amal Altareb!

Give us an introduction. Tell us a little about yourself!
  • My name is Ms. Amal Altareb. I am Yemeni-American and a recent graduate from Yale University with a Bachelor's in Political Science and certificates in Human Rights and Arabic. I have a deep passion for social studies and community organizing, and I hope to increase the appreciation of both within the students, inshAllah.

How did you come to teach at PVS? What grades and subjects are you currently teaching?
  • Going to public schools in Memphis, I have always been interested in becoming more involved with PVS. Last year, I met with Dr. Malley who suggested that I shadow some teachers. Shortly after, I was inspired to join PVS after meeting the staff here, especially after shadowing Mr. Clarke and Mr. Shaw. I teach 9th Grade Human Geography, 10th Grade World History, and 11th & 12th College Advisory with Ms. Jennifer Alejo.

So far, how has your experience been here? What is your favorite thing about PVS?
  • Teaching is challenging as it requires consistent preparation and effort, but almost every day I go home feeling a sense of gratitude to someone or something that happened at PVS, alhamdulillah. My favorite thing about PVS is the prevalent, genuine intention of serving Muslims among the staff and the intention to excel for the sake of Allah among the students. It is beyond admirable to hear teachers who work so hard for their students during the day and then make duas for their success at night. The barakah of PVS is real and can be felt all around.

What are your hopes for your journey as a teacher at PVS?
  • My hope is to be of benefit, even in a small way, in developing the academic skills that PVS students would need for college and life beyond school. I also hope to connect with my students on a deeper level as they reflect on their identities and become more firm in who they are.


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