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  • Harris Siddiqui

New Club Emerges: Introducing the Coding Club

At PVS, we have numerous clubs to choose from, each of which represent a variety of fields and interests. Over the past month, PVS has had a new addition to its array of available clubs: the computer club!

The club’s mission is to teach middle-and-high schoolers the development process. Coding, art, and music design are all traits which are a part of the process, though the club does primarily focus on coding through Unity, a popular game-development app.

The club began its planning phase last year. Alhamdulillah, under Ms. Kalthoum 's guidance, we successfully formed the club. While we currently meet online once a week on Fridays at 5, we are working to move our meetings to Thursdays at 5 PM. If you are interested in games or coding, feel free to join!

If you are interested, feel free to reach out to Harris Siddiqui, a Junior, or Ms. Kalthoum.


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