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  • Zaheen Chowdhury

Muslim-owned Memphis Businesses: Al-Madinah Boutique

Al-Madinah Boutique, a local business owned by Hamdia Abbas, is the go-to company for many Muslim women in Memphis buying modest and trendy Islamic clothing. Their inventory is filled with a variety of hijabs, accessories, abayas, thawbs, and much more.

The company has provided for and sponsored many companies and events. Abbas recalls some of the events she and her company have been grateful to attend: “We [participated in] an international day at Kingsbury School, provided matching hijabs for PVS MIST in 2019, and even sponsored a World Hijab Day event in Florida. Surprisingly, customers from Alaska to New York reach out to Al-Madinah Boutique and we gladly ship their orders,” she says.

This brand was created by one of our own PVS moms. Hamdia Abbas has been a part of the PVS and Memphis community since 2007. When she enrolled her oldest daughter at PVS, she began searching for good quality hijabs. However, she and many others ran into issues when searching for Islamic clothing in Memphis. Abbas says, “Throughout my years living here in Memphis, there was a need for a hijab/Islamic clothing shop. Other parents noticed that the Memphis community, especially PVS, needed a place to purchase hijabs and Islamic clothing.” This sparked the perfect business idea. Abbas says, “I decided to create an Islamic clothing business in Memphis. It started off with only hijabs, but as customer demand increased, we started to bring more inventory. That was the start of Al-Madinah Boutique in 2014.”

Abbas explains that her business is her passion as she loves the positive feedback she receives from Muslim women, young Muslim girls, and even non-Muslims seeking a gift for Muslim friends. She also adds that she finds her work rewarding. “Women and girls are more inspired and encouraged to wear the hijab if they are able to find nice and trendy hijabs. If we have more women wearing the hijab, that is more dawah and representation of Islam.”

Unfortunately, like many small businesses, Al-Madinah Boutique’s business has slowed down since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Before, their business relied on events, such as Ramadan iftars, Eid bazaars, and other special events.

When asked about what she looks forward to, Abbas says, “We are looking forward to having our own brand of hijabs and abayas. Our goal is to make Al-Madinah Boutique well known in Memphis.”

Abbas offers some advice for young entrepreneurs. She emphasizes the importance of passion and hard work to run and maintain a business. She says, “It’s never too early or too late to start your own business as long as you have the passion for it. There is a lot of barakah and blessing when you are doing it for the sake of Allah.”


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