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  • Wissal Boudaoud

Muslim Community at Tufts University

Tufts University, a private research university in Massachusetts, recently invited PVS students and parents to a program describing a Muslim student’s experience at Tufts University. On December 2nd, Muslim Chaplain Imam Abdul Mañil Merchant and four Muslim students hosted a webinar for us.

Many parents hesitate to send their children to a university away from home for many understandable reasons. During the webinar, Imam Merchant and the students described the life of a Muslim student and the ways students maintain a strong deen. There is a Muslim cultural house that serves as a residential quarter as well as a venue for Islamic events. The MSA (Muslim Student Association) has hosted events at the cultural house, bringing the university’s Muslim community together. This cultural house also occasionally hosts Iftar, and Muslim students can fast and then break their fast together. Tufts also has an all female house for Muslim and non- Muslim female students.

Tufts provides financial aid that meets 100% of families’ demonstrated financial needs and families that make under $60,000 will receive a financial aid package without loans. With generous financial aid and a strong Muslim cultural presence, Tufts may just be the univeristy for you. If you’re interested and would like to know more, click the links below.


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