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  • Zaheen Chowdhury and Aribah Morshed

Missed Mist?: MIST Nashville is back in-person after 2 years

This year, MIST will be taking place, in-person in Nashville, TN after 2 years. The competition will take place from March 11 to 13.

MIST, also known as, Muslim Interscholastic Tournament, is an annual competition that takes place around North America for high school students. The organization focuses on developing students' confidence, professionalism and embracing one's spirituality. The activities and competitions encourage students to develop creative skills as well as educate them about Islam to become better Muslims. Regional tournaments around the US and Canada allow Muslim students from across different areas to interact, fostering an Islamic community which will inspire students to grow. The MIST competition provides students an opportunity to showcase their talents in a wide variety of fields, including Quran recitation, graphic design, spoken word, sports, and much more. The complete list of all the competitions can be found at this link:

Each year, the organization chooses a unique theme.This year's theme is “The Conviction in Courage: Finding the Balance between Fear and Risk,” which reflects emotions from the pandemic that have caused much uncertainty and hardship. The organization encourages students to use the theme to ponder on resilience and harnessing courage during the toughest of times.

This year, PVS students will be joining the 901 Ummah team, a local Muslim youth group which sponsors many Memphis students for the MIST Nashville tournament. Pleasant View students will still be able to compete for their school while coming together with other Muslim youth from the city.

All high school students are encouraged to pre-register for the MIST Nashville tournament. The link to register can be found here: MIST practices have started at MIC, every Sunday at 1 pm. If there are any questions regarding the MIST tournament, please contact Fatema Habib at (901) 335-9777.


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