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  • Taqwa Qattoum and Yasmeen Abunasrah

Mental Stability and Spirituality in Ramadan

We often think about Ramadan as a month of fasting. Ramadan is so much more than simply abstaining from food and drink for 16 hours, but rather a time for spiritual reflection, more worship, and self-improvement. We can experience spiritual growth by reading the Holy Quran more and taking a break from worldly distractions that may lead us astray from our goals. There are many ways in which we can achieve a level of serenity during this month which can help us deal with mental distress. Listening to lectures, praying the daily prayers, and consistently making dua’s can help improve our connection with God- which would overall help our mental well-being. Spending more time outdoors and taking breaks from social media could also make this journey of spiritual improvement much easier. To develop a clear state of mind and become more compassionate during this month, practice more acts of kindness. These acts could be as simple as smiling at another person or helping your parents with iftar preparations. Completing small goals can make you feel happier and more content with yourself.

We know this holy month is so much more than just us simply experiencing how it feels to deal with hunger. Though to many this is a physical challenge, we should definitely use the month to focus on ourselves, including our mental health and working on improving it. It was scientifically proven that it takes around 21 days to break a habit; luckily we have an entire month to break bad habits we’re sure many of us have! With regards to mental health, Ramadan can be extremely challenging, especially to those who have eating disorders, or have recently overcome something similar. But our mental health is not a reflection of our faith. We should work hard to fast and connect with our God and we know that God will help us overcome our struggles. Inshallah we can use this Ramadan to better ourselves both physically and mentally and try to become the best versions of ourselves. Ramadan Kareem!

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