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  • Rawaha Iqbal

Highlighting the Palestinian Struggle: Dr. Malley Speaks at MIC and Rhodes College

On Friday, October 27th, PVS Principal Dr. Mohammed Malley gave a speech at the Memphis Islamic Center (MIC) about the Islamic significance and the historical context of Palestine in light of the escalation in aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza. 

In his speech, he talked about how Muslims must unite and continuously have strong faith so the Muslim ummah may be liberated again.

Spanning from after the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to present day,  Malley’s lecture unraveled layers of history marked by colonization and conflict that shaped the Palestinian narrative. Throughout his talk, Malley emphasized the need for solidarity and understanding, saying that “all of us are required by our Deen to try and work and strive to liberate it from occupation.”

Additionally,  Malley gave a speech at Rhodes College on the same topic around the same time. He focused on the colonial history of Palestine in comparison to countries that were also colonized, such as Lebanon. Sumaya Sultan-Ali ‘25, an attendee, said she learned a lot of history she didn’t know before and that she benefited from the event “by learning the history of Palestine and the brutality on the regime, and how numbers and statistics help you see the reality of the conflict and not minimize it.”

In a time where there is a lot of misinformation and bias spread in the media, understanding the Palestinian struggle is crucial to advocate for peaceful and just end to this conflict.


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