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  • Zaheen Chowdhury

Health Equity Club Volunteers at COVID-19 Vaccination Site

The Memphis Muslim Medical Clinic hosted “Free Vaccine Days” during this flu season. On October 10th, the clinic offered free flu and COVID-19 vaccines at the Memphis Islamic Center (MIC). The event lasted from 10 AM to 1 PM and the community responded and took advantage of this opportunity to get immunized. Members of the Health Equity Club showed up early on Sunday morning to help prepare for and volunteer at the event.

The Health Equity Club, a recent addition to the PVS Advocacy groups, is focused on educating and spreading awareness about inequalities present in the healthcare system and volunteering in the community to lessen the disparities. Accessibility is a large issue in the health sector, and the Memphis Muslim Medical Clinic has planned to given vaccines throughout the city. In previous years, the free flu vaccine events would be held at the clinic next to Masjid Salam. This year, Muslim Medical Clinic is visitng various masaajid. Several members of the club volunteered helping with sign-up, filling out forms for immigrants who do not understand English, and directing patients. Members of the Health Equity Club were able to assist in this effort to provide equal access and opportunity to benefit from the health resources.

Faizan Thapur, a tenth grader at Pleasant View School and member of the Health Equity Club, volunteered at the event and enjoyed volunteering and participating in this opportunity. When asked about his experience, he says, “I had a great time volunteering at MIC. The patients were very kind … and I enjoyed helping them out.” He ended off by saying, “If anyone needs a flu shot, you should go to the Muslim Clinic”.


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