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  • Jana Elabiad

Growth Mindset: Through the Pages

For the second summer in a row, Pleasant View students met online to discuss books centered on a schoolwide theme. This year, approximately 100 students dove into different readings that focused on the theme of “Growth mindset.” From analyzing each character’s growth in The Wizard of Oz to examining our own potential for growth in How to Be an Anti-Racist, students learned how to shift to a mindset of growth and establish goals. Ms. Jennifer Cartwright-Alejo conducted the high school discussion sessions, and high school students facilitated the elementary and middle school discussion sessions. Ibrahim Boudaoud, the student facilitator for the 3rd-5th grade group, said, “This summer was my second time facilitating the summer reading. I wasn’t sure how it would be the first time, but after a surprisingly enjoyable couple of sessions last year I was excited to do it again last summer. Again, the sessions did not disappoint. The discussions with the 3-5th grade students had unexpected yet intelligent responses, and of course, they were a lot of fun.”

In addition to participating in online discussions via Zoom, students also participated in written discussions related to their texts in Google Classroom.

The student facilitators worked hard to make the sessions successful. They read the books, developed discussion questions in weekly lesson planning meetings, and consistently checked in with their students. Ms. Alejo said, “This program would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the high school student facilitators. Our students consistently amaze me with their talent, leadership, and service, and I have no doubt that they inspired the younger groups with whom they worked to perceive challenges from a mindset of growth rather than defeat. The facilitators will continue to build those relationships they established with their respective summer groups throughout the year by holding quarterly check-ins with students to discuss the progress of their goals they set at the end of the summer program.”

All of the student facilitators have agreed that they are all excited to check-in with their respective students and learn about their progress in reaching their goals.


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