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  • Jana Elabiad

Going Green with PVS: Recycling Workshop

On October 21st, the PVS Green Memphis Advocacy group hosted a recycling workshop to teach PVS students and parents how to recycle from home and the importance of recycling. Before we switched to virtual learning last year, the Advocacy group had established a recycling program. Students were able to recycle their old tests and notes. After virtual learning started, the students did not have an option to recycle at school, so we decided to host a workshop for families to recycle from home.

Students learned what recycling is, what is recyclable, and how recycling helps the planet. Afterwards, they played jeopardy with their classmates to test how much they learned.

In a survey conducted after the workshop, students were asked what their favorite parts were. According to one student, "The presentation was highly informative." Several others said that the jeopardy game was their favorite part of the presentation. Organizers also shared their appreciation for being able to host this event.


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