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  • Samit Ahmed

Falafel and the Future Program Resumes Virtually: Rhodes College Virtual Visit

Today, technology has transformed learning as a whole. At the same time, it has changed the way students choose the colleges they want to attend. One of the most important tools enabling this shift is virtual college visits. Pleasant View School hosted a virtual college visit with Rhodes College in August that included an information session led by Admissions Counselor Mac Trammel. College visits are definitely a useful way to become familiar with the college and help with decision-making, but during these times of uncertainty, the option of virtual visits will never fully replace the experience of physical college visits. However, sessions like this have given our students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the campus culture, the programs the school offers, insight into the admissions process as well as scholarships and financial aid, and help with which college would be the right fit for them.

According to Ms. Jennifer, PVS’s College Counselor, these virtual visits are crucial in the college search and application process. She said, “We host these visits because we want our students to establish connections with admissions counselors, not just for particular schools but for the college application process as a whole.”

Visits with universities such as Tufts University, Rice University, Emerson College, and University of Chicago are all scheduled either virtually or in person at PVS for September and October.


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