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  • Neeymet Ahmed

Empowerment in Warmth: PVS Winter Coat Drive

Members of the PVS Immigration Reform Club worked with the local chapter of ICNA Relief to gather winter clothing during the month of November. 

When the club became aware that a large influx of migrants were arriving in Memphis from West Africa in search of employment, its members acted promptly. These migrants are mostly young, single males who arrived with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. The donation drive clothing was targeted towards them since they needed assistance in securing essential needs, such as winter clothing. The club’s co-president, Yasmeen Mannan ‘24, shared, “With the oncoming winter season and the harsh conditions that are associated with it, we as an Immigration Reform group wanted to do our part in helping these new migrants adjust to the Memphis community as well as we could. A clothing drive may sound simple or overdone, but it truly is so rewarding to see the benefit that these migrants obtain from receiving these donations from our own students and families.”

Over the course of the three-week coat drive, the club received numerous boxes of quality coats to send to those in need thanks to the generous contributions of PVS families. Donors believed that it was crucial to act quickly, regardless of the numerous factors that led the migrants here. 

The group created a flier and distributed it around the school to raise awareness about the situation of the migrants and call for support from the local community. During the month, donors were able to drop off clothing at the school.

In order to continue these rehabilitation efforts and effectively accommodate immigrants and refugees alike into the community, the Immigration Reform Club intends to carry on its aid efforts in close collaboration with the ICNA Relief chapter.


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