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  • Harris Siddiqui

College Spotlight - Hendrix College

Hendrix College is a private four-year university located roughly three hours away in the college town of Conway, Arkansas. It prides itself on fostering critical thinkers and innovative minds, particularly through their student-led Odessey research program.

The Odyssey Program is Hendrix’s primary selling point. Students are allocated funds by the university to pursue research into whatever topic they desire, a valuable opportunity to further one’s understanding of their field. Hendrix encourages students to pursue this at least three times. From studying Italian Improv Theatre overseas to eye-opening experience in the Biomedical Institute of New Jersey, Hendrix enriches its students with its flagship Odyssey initiative.

With an acceptance rate of 68.3%, Hendrix leans towards the more competitive edge. The college typically sees high scores from 25 - 31. Don’t let it daunt you though: Hendrix superscores and is also test-optional. The school also comes with a high 71% graduation rate and class sizes which rival Rhodes, with only 1,400 students and a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1.

As a private institution, Hendrix can seem costly. Fortunately, the college is generous when it comes to scholarships. Many of these are awarded on an application-based basis, meaning that there’s no additional essay or questionnaire. Simply submitting your application before the early action deadline will automatically get you considered.

If you’re looking for some personal distance but want to remain close to friends and family, consider Hendrix! With small classes and a homely campus, it is sure to keep a PVS-esque charm. For more information, visit


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