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  • Sara Almoazen

Code Green:There’s a Lego Robotics Club on the Block!

The PVS Lego Robotics team is back at it again this school year 2022-2023! This club is aimed at middle school students with the mission to explore their interest in robotics and coding.

The team meets biweekly for an hour-long session to construct multiple projects throughout the year. Last year, the participants built and programmed robots (pictures included below). This year, the team will continue this and will also allow students to compete in various competitions.

Aribah Morshed and Ahmad Elabiad, both 11th grade students, are the directors of the Lego Robotics Team. Morshed loves co-leading the team and feels that she can teach others through her personal interests of coding and building. “Ahmad and I initiated this club last year and it’s been very productive since,” she said. “It combines coding and building which are two things I am passionate about. I’m happy to be able to spread and teach this to other kids. The team this year is also very cooperative and are enjoying this year’s activities.”

This is an amazing opportunity for middle school students. If anyone would like to know more information, reach out to

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