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  • Zaheen Chowdhury

Cha-Ching! UNICEF Change for Education

At the start of November, the PVS UNICEFClub, a new group that has been established at PVS, launched a coin drive, “Change for Education.” The goal of the coin drive was to participate in a charitable effort to raise education levels in developing countries.

Manal Shala, the vice president of the PVS Unicef Club, explained how the coin drive worked. “Each classroom had a coin jar with markings that correspond to literacy rates around the world.” She also mentioned the competitive aspect to this coin drive: “The more coins the classes would donate, the more access to education children have around the world.” The PVS class that was able to raise the most money was awarded a prize. Shala also states that through this coin drive, the club hoped to bring awareness to a significant issue in the world. “Not everyone has access to education, so every coin counts!”

The coin drive ended December 10th, and the PVS students have already begun making great progress. Classes raised substantial amounts of money, and the Unicef Club is glad the challenge ran smoothly and provided students an opportunity to be a part of a global movement to bring positive change in education.

The winners of the coin drive were announced, with the elementary school students raising the most money. 5th Grade Section A raised $185.08 and won first place. The second and third place went to 5th Grade Section B and 3rd Grade Section B, respectively. PVS parents and students raised a total of $1669.62 to support the building of schools and distribution of school supplies in third world countries around the world. The students had a great experience participating in this friendly competition. The fifth grade students were awarded a pizza and popcorn party for their hard work and efforts. Zunairah Morshed, a 5th Grade student, was excited to hear that she and her classmates were able to raise the highest amount. Nonetheless, she says that the experience was the best part of it all. “It was so amazing to be a part of this!” she states. Morshed then adds, “I would like to have more of these competitions”.


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