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  • Yasmeen Mannan

Celebrating the Diverse Faces of PVS: 1st Grade Cultural Day

On Thursday, February 10, Ms. May Lee’s first grade class had a presentation on culture for their social studies class.

Students dressed up in their traditional cultural outfits and presented up to three items that represented their cultures. It was a day to showcase the unique backgrounds that constitute the students’ identities. “The purpose was to learn and share things that are special and important to our culture,” Ms. Lee explained.

Celebrating different cultures has always been an instrumental aspect of PVS. With one of the most diverse student and teacher populations in the state of Tennessee, PVS has always prioritized recognizing and honoring the many beautiful identities that make the school so unique. Students at PVS come from six continents, and from countries like Honduras, The Gambia, Jordan, and Afghanistan.

Some of the cultures represented in the first grade Cultural Day included Hmong, Pakistani, Bosnian, Palestinian, Algerian, Egyptian, French, and Nigerian.

“The students had a wonderful time looking at each other’s cultural outfits,” said Ms. Lee. “They took turns presenting their things like photographs, printed pictures of food, flags, and etc.”

PVS plans to hold more cultural events in the future, such as the well-admired ‘Cultural Day’ that occurs annually during Spirit Week.


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