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  • Zaheen Chowdhury

Celebrating Herstory: PVS Hosts Virtual Career Fair

PVS hosted its second annual career fair in March. The “Celebrating Herstory: Virtual Career Fair'' took place from March 29 -31, marking the end of Women’s History Month.

The event featured diverse, trailblazing female professionals from different professional backgrounds, such as business, medicine, psychology, photography, law and government. There were multiple sessions a day, with sessions lasting 45 minutes to an hour. Students throughout middle and high school were encouraged to attend sessions which interested them and were given the opportunity to ask the speakers questions about their career paths.

The career fair was organized by a group of eleventh grade students under the leadership of Junior Naisha Chowdhury. The eleventh-grade students worked hard to contact speakers, create a smooth and enjoyable program, and execute a successful career fair.

Jana Elabiad (11) and Zahra Chowdhury (11) were involved in the organizing and planning of the event. Elabiad says that though it was a challenge to plan a virtual career event, she was extremely impressed with the end result. She says, “We were able to invite women from trailblazing careers and it was a wonderful experience. The discussions we had were productive and exciting!”

The career fair received great feedback from the attendees and was highly enjoyed by the students. Dana Shala, a ninth-grade student who attended the virtual career fair, said the overall career fair experience was “amazing, organized, and fun.” She adds, “ It was amazing to be able to meet so many people in different fields during that week.” Shala is interested in pursuing a career in the field of law. “My favorite speaker would have to be Dr. Frank, the law professor at the University of Memphis.” Shala was grateful for the information, guidance, and advice regarding her career path that the session provided. “ She [Dr. Frank] had so many great experiences and was honest and passionate,” Shala says.

The juniors would like to thank all PVS students who attended and helped make this event a success.


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