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  • Yasmeen Mannan

“CALL 12”: The Panthers’ Boys Basketball Team Defies the Odds with 6-2On the Season

It’s only been a few months since sports at PVS started up again, but the Panthers Varsity Boys Basketball team has been working hard to have the best basketball season in PVS history.

With six wins, including a four-game win streak, and only two losses the entire season, this talented group of high school boys has been performing at exceptional levels, placing PVS at top ranks of the East Shelby Church Recreation Association (ESCRA) U-18 boys basketball league.

“It was tough that we weren’t able to play and do our normal activities due to the pandemic,” explained sophomore Muhannad Jaber, who is a shooting guard. “Now that we are back and well, I can say that I have had a really good experience and chemistry with my team, especially the coaches, because they really bring all of our talent and attributes together.”

Team chemistry is something that this unique group of players has demonstrated beautifully in every single game and practice. Co-captain Yusuf Mannan, a current senior, said that forming that essential relationship and trusting each other both on and off the court has been a huge contributing factor to the team’s success. “Whether it was relaxing at Ali Baba after Friday night scrimmages or having sleepovers at the school, developing that brotherhood is the most important thing for us,” Mannan said.

Oftentimes, successful sports teams can fall short on core values such as integrity, humility, and sportsmanship. However, Mannan emphasized the importance of playing for more than just oneself. “Everyone wants to be the star and we have a lot of talented guys on the team, but to be willing to give that extra pass or help someone out with their understanding of the plays that we run is really crucial to forming the team bond and gaining positive results on the floor,” he said. “We are there to win as a team, not for ourselves.”

While there was much anticipation and hope that the Panthers would close this successful run with one last win, the team struggled to score enough to defeat the Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) boys’ team. What was no doubt a crucial match for the team was especially a game and season to remember for the senior players - their last play ever for PVS.

“We had hoped to end off the season with another win, but more importantly, to set the bar for future PVS basketball teams to be successful,” said Mannan. “We were told that if we keep our current record, PVS can be promoted to a higher basketball division, so to leave a legacy for PVS sports and help set a foundation of athletic success on the court at PVS would be the best legacy to make before leaving this institution.”


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