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  • Wissal Boudaoud

BigFuture Days

College Board is hosting virtual events to allow high school students to connect directly with college admissions representatives. This will allow you to explore colleges in a simpler way. Through this virtual event, you can show your demonstrated interest, something used by many universities to measure the level of interest you have in a particular university. Because of the pandemic, campus visits have been impossible for the most part, so the means of showing demonstrated interest has been more difficult. These virtual sessions are a great opportunity to show universities that you are interested. These sessions are something I would have really appreciated during my college application process, so I’m sure many of you will find it very helpful.You can:

  • Explore colleges

  • Connect with admissions representatives

  • Participate in live Q&A with admission representatives

  • Download college planning resources

Below are the dates for the events for colleges in different regions:

You can register for any event and attend more than one. To sign up or learn more information, click the link below.

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