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  • Zahra Chowdhury, Manal Shala, Naisha Chowdhury

Back To School!

After nearly one and a half semesters of virtual school, following COVID-19 precautionary guidelines, Pleasant View School is bringing back students to the campus for testing, labs, and other activities. Students conduct these exams and activities in small groups with proper distance between themselves. Dr. Malley says, “By limiting the amount of students on campus we were able to maintain strict social distancing and other safety guidelines while providing students the opportunity both to learn things in an on-site setting that were especially difficult to do remotely as well as be able to have safe social interactions with their peers. These activities proved to be extremely successful and we want to increase them after we return from the winter break.”

Following the STAR tests, in groups, students conducted short lab activities with their lab instructor or science teachers. Dr. Farhana Chowdhury had her 8th and 9th grade students come in groups on campus for their labs. Dr. Chowdhury says, “ For the lab activities, we set up the tables 6 ft apart. We provided gloves for each student and wiped down each table after each group was done with their work.” Each student was given their own supplies to work with to limit contact between the students, and only a small group of students was allowed in the lab at a time.


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