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  • Yusuf Mannan

AP Exam Resources

AP Exams are around the corner, and PVS students have further intensified studying for upcoming AP exams. Getting a qualifying score on AP tests can go a long way in applying for college, and many colleges give college credit for scores of 4 and 5. Regardless of the scores you make, though, these courses undoubtedly prepare you for courses you will take in college.

Many 9th graders and 10th grade students may be taking their first AP test this year. There is so much information to review from the whole year and this can all be very overwhelming without proper guidance. Here are some links to help study and prepare for the AP Exam:

Students can find all Certified College Board examples, preparation, and assignments to practice on

Students can find the exam dates for each exam at this website:

A Teacher who makes extremely depth preparation youtube videos for AP World History, AP U.S. Government and Politics, and AP United States History:

The Princeton Review and Barron’s make in depth preparation books for every exam, and have practice AP exams in the book to practice. You may consider purchasing a book for your subject.

We wish you all the best!


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