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  • Yusuf Mannan

A Bustling Senior Application Week

The diligent cycle has begun again for seniors all across the country to work on their college applications. Many PVS seniors have to balance multiple duties, such as studying for various AP courses, leading and participating in clubs, and training for sports. With such an intense schedule, it is tough to fit college applications into an already packed schedule. The application process is very lengthy and requires much time: filling out forms, sending recommendation letter requests, researching colleges, and writing essays.

Fortunately for PVS seniors, the PVS administration cleared a week for them with no classes to focus solely on their applications. To maximize productivity, Ms. Jennifer Alejo, the school’s college counselor, created a schedule for seniors. In the mornings, students worked individually on essays, forms, their final college list, and other parts of the application. They then met their group members and peer-reviewed each member’s personal essays for the Common Application (the common platform used to submit college applications). Senior Riyaad Howlader said, “My time with my group was extremely beneficial as I received insight about my own essay from my group and came up with new ideas from listening and helping my group members in an open discussion format.” Students also spent the week going on in-person or virtual college visits. For many students, Common App Week helped them think deeply and make possible life-altering decisions regarding their career paths and what college they want to attend.

Another senior, Eman Yousuf, said, “Common App Week was extremely beneficial for me because it gave me time to focus and devote all my energy to the college application process. Although the process is stressful, the week off made it easier and helped out a lot.” A lot of the students were unable to find extended time to research and work on their college applications during the regular school week, so this week was a great blessing.


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