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  • Nia Yusuf

2021 Internship Opportunities

2021 Internships

Internships are highly recommended for high school students to engage in their community and build professional skills even before going to college. Due to COVID-19, many face-to-face internships have been canceled. Therefore, students must seek alternatives that take place virtually.

A prominent place to begin discovering internships is at ‘interns4-good’ which provides a simplistic application with no fees. Their hours of contribution ranges from one hour a week to fifteen hours a week which can fit all schedules. These internships listed below touch upon every and any passion/interest that a student may have.


  1. Design Team Member for Aid2Day

  2. Technology Team Member for Aid2Day

  3. Graphic Designer for The Censured or Creative Design Team Member for EDify Talks

  4. Programmer for Ingenify

  5. Website Developer for EDify Talks

  6. Director of Technology for STEM Without Boundaries

  7. Graphic Designer for She’s My Daughter


  1. Online Services Leadership Team Member for Astudia

  2. Content Creator for Astudia

  3. UI Designer for EDify Talks

  4. Director of Media for STEM Without Boundaries

  5. Creative Ambassador for Crescent Novels


  1. Sponsorship Coordinator for DAG (Rolling Weekly)

  2. Marketing/Promotion Team Member for Astudia

  3. Director of Outreach for Skills for Better

  4. Communications Team Member for Aid2Day

  5. Marketing/ Outreach for WIT

  6. Communications for Amish Rescue Mission

  7. Director of Outreach for Skills for Better

  8. Outreach Representative for Art for the Heart

  9. Director of Sponsorships, Marketing, or Outreach for STEM Without Boundaries

  10. Marketing Team for Virtual Studies

  11. Outreach Team Member for Guided Clear

  12. PR Representative for Beeznests Connections LTD.

  13. Outreach Team Member for Cards Spread Love

  14. Project Ambassador for The Polar Opposite Project

  15. Outreach Intern for Learning Ally


  1. Virtual Tutor for Schoolhouse. world (in collaboration with Khan Academy)

  2. Virtual Tutor for Strive2Thrive

  3. Virtual Tutor: French and Arabic-Speaking Countries for Strive2Thrive

  4. Virtual Advocate for Luv Michael

  5. Tutor/Curriculum Creator for EYB

  6. Entrepreneurship Mentor for EYB


  1. Editor for DAG (Rolling Weekly)

  2. Article Writer for DAG (Rolling Weekly)

  3. Author for Crescent Novels


  1. Director of Finance or Communications for STEM Without Boundaries

  2. Chapter President for STEM Without Boundaries

  3. Regional Director for Finance4Teens


  1. Ambassador or Staff member for Air to Inspiration

  2. Writer, Photographer, or Artist for Air to Inspiration

  3. Ambassador for Edify Talks

  4. Crafter for teamCOSSY

  5. Mask Maker for CNK Health Services

  6. Mask Ambassador for Masking a Difference

  7. Mask Maker for Health Professionals of Tomorrow

  8. Book Cover Designer for Crescent Novels


  1. Member for Air to Inspiration

  2. General Position for Am4Teens

  3. Volunteer for Telehealth Access for Seniors


  1. Finance Team Member for EDify Talks

  2. Finance Team Member for Reach for the Stars


  1. Charity Researcher for DAG (Rolling Weekly)

  2. Topic Selector for DAG (Rolling Weekly)

  3. Executive Assistant for Reach for the Stars

  4. Activist/Researcher for Importance of Our Climate


  1. Events Team Member for Aid2Day

  2. Project Member for Am4Teens

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