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  • Hira Qureshi

PVS hosts Quran competition

Pleasant View School held its annual Quran competition virtually from May 11 to 14.

Parents registered students by April 30. The competition took four days, starting on Monday and ending on Thursday.

Students were informed via emails about the competition, posted on parent square and verbally discussed in virtual classes.

About 120 students participated from grades pre-kindergarten till high school.

Quran teacher Samira Hassan judged with Ms. Khadija, Ashir Kirk, Omar Al-Aani and Omar Bah.

"We helped students prepare by revising the Surahs within the competition in our virtual classes," Hassan said.

Hassan said it's important to have a competition like this to encourage students to memorize more Quran.

The competition went very well. Judges sent the results to Vice Principal Ashraf. The school has not announced the results yet.

"We hope our students know that it doesn’t matter who will win and which place they are going to get," Hassan said. "What matters is the effort they put in, because it’s a win-win situation and they get the good deeds anyway."

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