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  • Deenat Yusuf

Student Perspective: A thank you note to teachers

Teachers Appreciation week takes place in the first week of May every year. It is a week-long celebration to recognize all the teachers' hard work and contribution for their students. Deenat Yusuf writes a thank you note to all teachers from her and her peers.

During the previous years, the PTO has celebrated this week by having breakfasts and lunches, gifts, flowers, cards and other tokens of appreciation. But, this year is a little bit different.

One way students can still thank our wonderful teachers and show our appreciation is by sending e-cards or emails. I'm sure our teachers would really appreciate the thought behind this.

Here are some of the many things us students would like to appreciate our teachers for, especially during this time:

  1. Thank you teachers for doing your absolute best to adjust to the new remote learning and your efforts to make it as smooth as possible for your students.

  2. Thank you teachers for really caring about our success now and in the future.

  3. Thank you teachers for encouraging us and showing us that we should keep pursuing our goals and helping us facilitate them.

  4. And most importantly, thank you teachers for being curriculum developers, IT instructors and being there for our parents struggling to cope during this time.

Whether it is trying to help us during lunch breaks or giving us extra words of encouragement, we really want to thank all of the teachers at PVS from the bottom of our hearts.

And of course, we can't forget those who make the whole experience easier for the teachers.

May Allah reward our teachers generously and let’s keep them in our duas during this blessed month!

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