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  • Emir Celikok

Student Perspective: Students prepare for AP tests

Even with the pandemic, students are preparing for AP tests which will be held virtually this year. Emir Celikok writes about his preparation:

Every year, more than a million American high school students take AP classes. There are many different reasons why students of all backgrounds enroll in these classes.

However, one characteristic that unites all AP students is the stress of the test. And it only gets worse with the number of tests you plan to take.

Some students try to review absurd amounts of material, and some try to suppress their anxiety on the couch with a bag of potato chips - after Iftar, of course.

With Ramadan and the pandemic, the situation is only much more unique. However, there is an upside. I now have more time, allowing me and my classmates to be a student during the day and a Muttaqeen at night. Ramadan also allows me to stop worrying about food and find a more productive routine.

This is my third year taking AP classes, but because schools are closed the test structure has dramatically changed. Students and teachers are trying to familiarize themselves with what is now needed to receive a perfect score: the noble 5.

Tests are only 45 minutes and completely open book, even open internet. But College Board also seems to be much more particular about answers.

Students have been provided with the new rubrics, demos and review material from College Board, but there is still a general feeling of worry regarding the test.

The transformation of tests in retrospect are really a minor part of the reverberations of this pandemic. But still, it's no small act to be taking college level exams at home.

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