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  • Hira Qureshi

PVS students showcase artwork virtually

Pleasant View School students display artwork on website created by art teacher Nida Mujahid.

With virtual courses, Mujahid wanted to connect with her students while social distancing. So she decided to create a website to showcase their work in a "Virtual Art Gallery."

"I was out of town when these changes happened and we heard that social distancing would be enforced," Mujahid said. "I wanted to engage my students and encourage them to do art. In school, they loved seeing their work put up on display so I thought why not a Virtual Art Gallery."

Students in grades four to twelve email pictures of their work. Mujahid edits and resizes them and then uploads them with their names to the website.

"It takes a while but i know to some of them it means the world to see their work on display," Mujahid said. "I try and upload all the art work that is submitted on time."

Mujahid assigns work that requires materials they have at home and has different projects each week.

She began with a theme for each month. The first was gratitude to remind them that things will get better with blessings. The second was growth to reflect the start of spring, how everyone is adapting to the "new normal" and preparing for Ramadan.

"Having this website for their art is my way of telling my students I care, I miss them and appreciate their work," Mujahid said. "It gives them something to look forward to. I just updated the homepage for Ramadan hoping to make them smile and distract them from the uncertainty that we are all trying to cope with."

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