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  • Hira Qureshi

PVS hosts virtual Dhuhur Khatera session

Every week, Pleasant View School hosts a virtual Dhuhur Khatera session with students and their families.

Before the pandemic, PVS had khatiras everyday after Dhuhur prayer, so to adapt to the current situation the khatiras are now provided virtually.

"Since we had to adapt to continue school functions online, we thought we could continue having something bring us together," said Br. Omar Al-Ani, who leads the session. "So we started doing online sessions live with students (families welcome) to try and help them benefit from the isolation and time before Ramadan actually begins."

Currently, the session is focused on preparing for Ramadan, specifically talking about intentions and welcoming guests at a time when there are no guests. There is also an initial session on purification of the heart which will last a few more sessions. The session usually lasts 30 minutes.

Students are invited to engage in the session via chat. Sometimes, Al-Ani will ask them to define words, explain a statement, complete an ayah or hadith that they've previously memorized.

"'I'll also ask them for their input for different topics," Al-Ani said. "For example, today we were talking about how to intentionally live by the statement "Allahu Akbar" and so I gave some tips and then invited the students to share some other tips to making Allah the most important in their daily life."

Principal Mohammed Malley sends out a link via email to parents, students and families of PVS.

"People from outside of PVS are welcome to join, we're working on sharing the lessons to everyone," Al-Ani said.

The purpose of the sessions is to offer some semblance of normalcy to students, offer well-prepared and practical lessons and advice for students in the current situation and to outline a way to be spiritually, mentally and physically prepared for a Ramadan.

Al-Ani said the session is important for students because seeking knowledge should never stop. And he hopes students get a greater understanding and appreciation for Allah and his endless mercy.

"We should never think we have enough or that we know enough to do well in our lives," Al-Ani said. "The Prophet alayhi salam mentioned that no one with a mustard seed's weight of arrogance in their heart will be permitted into Jannah - knowledge is the first step to removing that arrogance we all suffer from."

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