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  • Hira Qureshi

Teacher Profile: New Math Teacher Yasmeen Ahmed

Are you from Memphis? If not, what is your background?

Ahmed: Yes as of now. I've lived here for a year. Before, we lived in Arizona in Flagstaff where I taught math to Northern Arizona University freshmen.

Tell me a little bit about your family.

Ahmed: My husband is a doctor in microbiology. I have two kids. One is a girl who is at primary school and the other is three months old. I love spending time with my family which I believe is a priority to everyone.

How did you get to PVS? When did you start working at PVS?

Ahmed: I heard about and got to know PVS from one of my family friends. And I just started working!

What do you teach? What grades?

Ahmed: I teach Math for grades six, seven, eight and nine.

What is one interesting fact about you?

Ahmed: I am research oriented person and dedicated to my work always. I love creating new things and teaching students in a different ways where they feel the curriculum is easy going. I like to be punctual and loyal on what I do and expect others to be punctual, apart from personal reasons. I love traveling and have visited many parts of the world alhamdullillah.

What is your favorite part about PVS? What is your favorite part about teaching?

Ahmed: I love the Islamic environment at PVS. With teaching, I love to be more practical rather than learning to live. I believe in creating equity in life.

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