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  • Hira Qureshi

Pre-kindergarten learns about different cultures with a cultural event

Pleasant View School pre-kindergarten class celebrated students’ cultural backgrounds with a party on Thursday, March 5.

Students in Nargis Sultana and Tracy Owens’ class dressed in their cultural clothes and brought a dish unique to their culture to share with their classmates. They also had to share what continent and country their parents were from.

The purpose of the event was for the students to learn about the world and celebrate the diversity in Islam.

“We wanted them to understand where they come from and be proud of their family heritage and religion,” Owens said.

The students were very excited and enjoyed the event immensely. Parents attended the event as well.

Owens said the event allowed students and parents to appreciate the different cultures in Islam.

“At PVS, we strive to make strong committed well-balanced muslims,” Owens said. “We are grooming them to be leaders wherever they go in their lives. This means they must have a strong sense of themselves and respect for others along with an understanding of the world that they live in. We believe that this type of event helps foster our objective.”

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