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  • Hira Qureshi

IOWA testing is back at PVS

Pleasant View School students took the annual IOWA test last week to measure student achievement and growth.

The IOWA Tests are standardized tests that are used nationally to help school faculty understand student learning standards.

These tests monitor growth using a continuous, researched-based, vertical scale to accurately measure academic progress from kindergarten through high school.

PVS students from kindergarten through eleventh-grade took the test over three days. The test covered math, English language and arts, science and social studies. Test questions differed according to grade levels.

The teachers and administration were given the results after so that they could evaluate what students have learned so far and whether they should work on their teaching standards.

“The results tell us where students areas of strength are and where their weaknesses are,” teacher Maysa Safi said. “It lets us teachers know what we need to work on.”

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