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  • Hira Qureshi

PVS first-grade class celebrates Black History Month

Pleasant View School first-graders are celebrating Black History Month with “Black History Moment” every Friday this month.

Katrina Morrow’s class participates in an activity that discusses a person or thing within African American history.

“This is Black History Month, and I figured that I could do something because some of them are not really exposed to some things that occurred in African American history,” Morrow said.

Every Friday, Morrow shares a piece of African American history and engages her students in activities.

This past Friday, students learned the origin of potato chips and its inventor George Crum, who was Native and African American.

Students had to listen, smell and taste the different brands of chips. Then they compared the chips and created a chart to demonstrate.

“In our class we snack a lot, so I just figured that would be fun and a lot of people don’t know who discovered the potato chip,” Morrow said.

And every Friday is a different topic. Morrow said most of the "Black History Moments" would include food.

The weekly activity helps students learn about African American history during a month dedicated to it.

“Everybody needs to know even if it’s about a chip,” Morrow said. “My students go back and tell their parents everything and people need to know about African American history and culture.”

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