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  • Hira Qureshi

Fourth-graders get creative with their Islamic Studies projects

Photo by Ashir Kirk

Pleasant View School Islamic Studies students showcased their Islamic knowledge in creative presentations on Wednesday, Feb. 12.

Students in Brother Ashir Kirk’s fourth-grade class used their creative skills to illustrate what they’ve learned this year on Tafseer of Quran and Islamic manners. Projects included posters, canvasses, websites and powerpoint presentations.

“They just love being able to paint, create trivia games, decorate boards, do speeches, build websites and more,” Kirk said.

The class has been memorizing Quran and learning Islamic etiquettes like greeting people, attending gatherings, using the restroom and manners in a mosque.

The purpose of the activity was to creatively display their understanding of what they learned. Some of their choices included painting on canvas, creating trivia games, decorating boards, giving speeches and building websites.

Along with creating their presentation, they had to explain whatever piece of knowledge they showcased.

“It forces them to review what they learned and to think deeply about it so that they can explain it as well,” Kirk said.

Kirk said it’s important for students to use creative methods to learn. The students enjoy learning more when it’s done creatively.

“I've been doing this for years now and it's one of my most anticipated assignments of the year, Alhamdu lillaah,” Kirk said. “I had 2 students who created an Islamic app! It's just amazing to see just how creative these kids can get, Maa shaa Allaah.”

Kirk enjoys seeing his students excel in all activities.

“One of my favorite parts about this project is that every year I take some students' paintings home and add them to my collection of student paintings that I have on my wall,” Kirk said. “I absolutely love it.”

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