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  • Hira Qureshi

Students take AMC test to practice their math skills

Pleasant View School students took the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) on Thursday, Jan. 30 to practice their math skills.

The Mathematical Association of America’s AMC is separated into two tests, one for grades nine and 10 and the other for grades 11 and 12.

The test is used for college placement but in high school it’s used as a contest to build confidence in students’ math abilities.

“So these kids really like doing math,” said math teacher Rizwana Harun. “It’s a student initiated test so it’s all for fun and practice.”

The test is 75 minutes long. Students fill out the scantrons and then Harun mails it off for results.

The test is a voice of encouragement for students who enjoy math and want to pursue it further.

Eleventh-grader Emir Celikok decided to take the test because he and his friends compete in math competitions regularly.

“It’s fun to compete with my friends, and it increases your productivity and work ethic which looks good for college,” Celikok said.

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