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  • Hira Qureshi

PVS fifth-graders start monthly ‘Clean Up Day’

Pleasant View School fifth-grade students are keeping the campus clean with a new monthly activity, “Clean Up Day.”

It started as a class assignment by science teacher Cecilia Williams. Her students were tasked to collect trash on campus and discuss what was recyclable.

The students found some recyclable items but most were just trash. So they decided they needed to clean it up.

Williams created a competition for the two fifth-grade classes to see how much they could pick up in 15 minutes. With bags and gloves in hand, they separated into groups. Some groups picked up to three bagfuls of trash.

“They were really surprised at how much trash there was and how much they were able to pick up in a short period of time,” Williams said. So, they thought it was a great idea to do this on a regular basis."

Williams said they don’t do it for the extra credit or for class; they do it to help the school.

Recycling is something Williams is trying to incorporate in her science classes, and “Clean Up Day” teaches the students how to keep the Earth and their campus clean.

“I hope this teaches them to take care of the environment and be respectful of all living organisms,” Williams said.

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