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  • Hira Qureshi

Pre-kindergarten class works on two very fun science activities

Photo by Hira Qureshi

One pre-kindergarten class learned the science behind living organisms with two fun activities.

In teacher Nargis Sultana’s class, students worked on “My Body Grows,” a take-home assignment where they learned how children grow up.

In this first activity, they put together a presentation with their baby information and pictures. The project gave students a visual representation of their growth process.

“This project was for students to know that they were once upon a time very little and that they are growing up to be big girls and boys,” Sultana said.

Students enjoyed working with their parents to put together their presentations.

For the second activity, Sultana showed the class a sea urchin and discussed how Allah (SWT) created creatures like it.

Students were intrigued by the strange creature and asked many questions. They had a lot of fun hearing about it.

“It’s a hands-on way to show them the beauty behind Allah’s creations,” Sultana said. “They get to see it in person.”

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