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  • Hira Qureshi

Student Perspective: College visits help seniors make big decisions

As graduation nears, seniors are gearing up to make their decisions for college, and campus visits are helping PVS students narrow down their options.

English teacher and college counselor Jennifer Alejo took her students on college tour at Rhodes College. Senior Hamza Alsaadi describes his college tour experience:

The environment at Rhodes College reminded me of the PVS experience as I walked around the campus.

Growing up at PVS, I have been accustomed to smaller class sizes and interacting with my teachers outside the classroom.

And during my visit, I found Rhodes offers that same experience. They have a small teacher to student ratio and overall smaller student population.

We were briefed about majors, financial aid offers and scholarships at the end of the tour. We were also informed that Rhodes has a lot of study abroad opportunities which was great to hear.

InshaAllah, I will be staying in town for college and Rhodes is one of my options.

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