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  • Hira Qureshi

Lower elementary, preschool and daycare classes celebrate 100 days of school

Photo by Stephanie Brown

Pleasant View School students in lower elementary school, preschool and daycare celebrated 100 days of school with a party and parade on Friday, Jan. 24.

Each class from daycare to third-grade participated in a fun activity incorporating the number 100.

For example, kindergarten dressed up like 100-years-olds, first-grade wore t-shirts with 100 items on them and second-grade wore hats with 100 items on them.

Students in all these grades also participated in a parade through the new learning centers. And this year, class sizes were bigger so the parade was particularly fun.

“Celebration was a huge hit with the students,” said kindergarten teacher Stephanie Brown. “The lower elementary kids look forward to it each year and the older grades look forward to watching the parade.”

Kindergarten did various projects in subjects like math, science and reading, They especially enjoyed making necklaces with 100 fruit loops and competing to see who could reach the center of a Tootsie pop in 100 licks.

Each grade level and subject did a different activity to celebrate and bring the curriculum to life.

The 100 day celebration is an event students look forward to every year and teachers hope students can be proud of their accomplishments.

“I hope the students remember what they have learned can be represented in fun and creative ways,” Brown said.

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