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  • Naisha Chowdhury

Student Perspective: PVS student featured in National Geographic shares words of encouragement to pe

Pleasant View School students participate in Memphis’s regional science fair, and for the past few years the school has achieved much success, winning the top prizes in both high school and middle school divisions.

The Memphis region sends one student to participate in the high school International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Alhamdulillah, last year I was selected to represent Memphis.

Many college recruits, nonprofit organizations and other interested organizations set up booths to survey the student projects.

A representative from National Geographic was working on a “Women in Science” photo album, and I was one of five girls photographed for the album.

The ISEF experience entails more than just the science fair competition. It gives students the platform to make new friends, find new research partners and meet students with impressive resumes.

Although I didn’t win the competition, the experience helped me discover my interests and grow as a person. I hope my self-portrait for National Geographic empowers women who feel insecure about themselves, their talents, their image and their abilities to bring change in the world.

I encourage everyone to explore their interests, whether it’s in science, writing, history, math, Quran or any other subject. Pursue these interests and look for ways to benefit the world with your talents.

Lastly, awards and recognition are not proof of success. If you lose in a competition or fail in your efforts, don’t give up. InshaAllah the best is yet to come.

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