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  • Hira Qureshi

Third-grade students spend three fun weeks reading and reporting

Photo by Hira Qureshi

Pleasant View School third-grade students created some unique book reports for their English, language arts and social studies class.

Students spent three weeks reading and building a shoebox report on a novel of their choice in their reading level. For the report, they were to identify eight objects that were significant to the story.

The report consisted of eight identified objects with a paragraph about what the object meant to the story. The shoebox was decorated with the book’s theme.

The project was a take-home assignment, and at the end of the three weeks the students presented their projects to the class.

Third-grade teacher Rochelle Mottley decided to use this teaching method because it was something different for her students to do.

"I thought they would enjoy that instead of just writing a book report," Mottley said. "They had a chance to try something that was more interesting and exciting."

Third-grader Zaid Arifullah enjoyed working on one of his favorite books. He said it was a fun and easy project.

“My favorite part about the project was that you had to use a shoebox.” Arifullah said.

Another third-grader, Maryam Darboe, had fun reporting on her book, Drama at Mouseford by Thea Stilton.

“Decorating the box was so fun,” Darboe said.

According to Mottley, book reports are a fun way to prepare students for the future.

“I think it helps them get ready for the future - for high school and college,” Mottley said. “They're gonna have to know how to write, report on something. I think a lot of times students, if they’re interested in what they’re doing, they’ll be more engaged.”

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