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  • Hira Qureshi

UT Knoxville rep. comes to PVS for 'Falafel and the Future'

Photo by Jennifer Alejo

Kevin Berg and students eat and talk about UT Knoxville. They sat in a circle and ate falafels and talked about the future.

A University of Tennessee, Knoxville recruiter visited Pleasant View School to talk to students about applying on Sept. 6 during lunch through the new school program "Falafel and the Future."

"Falafel and the Future" invites professionals to come talk about their profession and college recruiters to talk about their universities over falafel sandwiches.

"The students actually came up with the name for it, they called it falafel the future and so we had falafel sandwiches in honor of our first visit."

Jennifer Alejo, English teacher and college counselor, invites

professionals and recruiters to come based on student interests.

About 18 seniors and juniors listened as Knoxville recruiter, Kevin Berg, talked about college requirements, visiting programs and gave some advice on finding the best fit for college.

"I think it (the event) went well. He gave a powerpoint presentation to begin with and I asked the students for their feedback afterwards, I said is that something you want to see for the colleges and then afterwards we all sat around and talked more and ate our lunch," Alejo said.

Hendrix College, University of Memphis, Washington University and Christian Brothers University are set to come in the following weeks.

With college applications due in a couple of months, the fall semester college recruiters are visiting. Next semester professionals in journalism, politics and other fields will visit.

"I really enjoyed our first official falafel and the future session with UTK's admission councilor," said Mariam Khayata, a senior who attended. "Not only did it enhance my knowledge about college applications and UTK, but it also gave me a glimpse of what college life really is. I'm looking forward to the upcoming sessions of the falafel and the future series."

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